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Time to Reflect 2019

Another successful year for the ASIS Victoria Australia Chapter has been reported by our outgoing Chair Pascal Engler. Below is a summary of achievements and the Chapter thanks Pascal for his leadership and innovation over the past 3 years as Chair.

As another year draws to a close, it is a time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months, but for me it is also a time for me to look back at the last three years as Chapter Chair of the Victoria Australia Chapter. It is also a time to say thank you to all who have supported me as Chapter Chair over the past three years, the ongoing growth and success of the Chapter is a reflection of everyone’s effort on the committee who have contributed in many different ways and levels, so thank you.

The Victoria Australia Chapter has continued its contribution to the association and is highly regarded amongst our global peers, this was reinforced with the chapter being the recipient of the I.B. Hale Chapter of the Year Award at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Las Vegas in 2018. We have successfully hosted two (2017 & 2019) very well received ASIS Australia Conferences which we have received positive feedback from those who attended, from members globally and ASIS International HQ.

The Chapter has won Website of the Year twice, and this year received an honorary mention for our high quality website, thank you Tony for your ongoing contribution with keeping the website up to date and ensuring it remains the first point of contact and information for our local members and for those interested in being part of ASIS International.

 Our breakfast events and workshops have provided our members and non-members an opportunity to network amongst their peers, and gain further knowledge from our high quality presenters.

 I would like to thank John Frost for the many years he has contributed to the Chapter Committee, his contribution as ARVP and his support of me during my leadership time.

 As we go into 2020, I look forward to continuing my ASIS International membership and supporting the Chapter and the leadership team with its hard work, dedication for its ongoing growth and recognition.

Once again, thank you for your support, for all you have done and for your volunteer leadership with ASIS International, in particular the Victoria Australia Chapter - Pascal Engler