Why Earn an ASIS Certification?

You can reach new heights in professional security ​excellence with an ASIS board certification.

  • Validate your security management expertise
  • Be globally recognised by your peers and industry
  • Get a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Enhance your career and earnings potential
  • Provide you with personal satisfaction and professional achievement
Certification Mission Statement

The Certification Coordinator will promulgate the benefits of the ASIS International certifications to the security profession, provide assistance to certification participants and provide the single point of contact and resolution for all certification and recertification issues.

The Global Standard for Proficiency

Security has become a global issue. ASIS certifications are recognised and accepted worldwide as the standard of professional competency. In an era of globalisation, they are transferable across international boundaries and cultures. ASIS certifications provide businesses with a common language and ensure compliance with best security industry practices. Multinational companies increasingly seek board-certified security practitioners with internationally accepted security qualifications.