Association Rules - Draft Changes — Changes to the Association Rules v4.0

Earlier this year it was identified that several amendments to the Association Rules dated August 2018 had not been formally recognised by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV). CAV approval is mandatory for any changes to the Rules. The Committee considered the implications of this and determined that the opportunity exists to review the Rules in their entirety.

A governance subcommittee was established at the request of the Chair with the goal of reviewing the current Association Rules (v.3) to ensure compliance with CAV Model Rules, shaped to match the specific requirements of the Chapter.

The reviewing process is somewhat complex as the rules must comply with the Victorian Government's Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. No. 20 of 2012 (the Act).  The attached document also contains further notes that provide a more detailed explanation of the document, how it is structured and was developed through this review process.

Members will have a three-week review window during which they can submit feedback for the subcommittee to consider.  An email link will be provided when this process is 'live'.  It is important that Members are part of this process and we encourage participation through feedback.  We do not want the membership to 'discover' a proposed draft of Association Rules' at the AGM, but rather the proposed Rules will reflect a team input.  The Association Rules is not a small document but is critical to the performance of the Association in accordance with the Act.

All members are encouraged to attend the meeting which is likely to be virtual and held at a location permitting a face to face environment.  If you cannot attend, please complete a Proxy form to permit your votes to be counted.