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The Risk of Family Violence in the Workplace

Statistics recently released by Police reveal alarming increases of family violence in both the home and workplace. Security leaders need to take this risk into account in developing workplace risk controls. This must include potential victims and those who might be present should an incident occur in or around the workplace.

Within Australia, a review of reported incidents for family (domestic) violence discloses:

  • one in three women and one in four children will be a victim; 
  • one female will be killed each week and 27 children killed a year;
  • around 40% of operational police work is taken up by family violence cases;
  • about 75% of all assaults against women are family violence matters; and
  • cost to Victoria annually is $3.4 billion.

In response, the Federal Government has allocated $100 million for an action plan to combat family violence. The Victorian Government has appointed the State's first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Fiona Richardson. A Victorian Royal Commission led by Supreme Court Justice Marcia Neave AO will also investigate family violence. Victoria Police is set to appoint its first Assistant Commissioner for Domestic Violence and the Law Institute of Victoria has established a Family Violence Taskforce.

It is important to "understand that family violence is an epidemic" (Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year, 2015)

Security leaders need to take notice of the data and the risk family violence may bring to the workplace.