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Pending establishment of ASIS Bangkok Thailand Chapter

ASIS Victoria Australia Chapter Chair Dr Tony Zalewski and Mr Aaron Le Boutillier recently met in Bangkok to discuss, amongst other things, the establishment of a local Chapter in Bangkok.

During a business trip into Bangkok, Dr Tony Zalewski met with Mr Aaron Le Boutillier about ASIS and the establishment of a local Chapter. Below is a summary of the discussions.

Aaron is the Managing Director of Le Boutillier Group, an organisation providing a broad range of security, risk, investigation and training services across the Region. For the last four years, with other local security professionals Aaron has been working with the local authorities to have an ASIS Chapter formally recognised.
Although it has been a protracted journey, Aaron is hopeful the application is close to finalisation and once recognised by the Thai authorities, a local ASIS Chapter will be established.
Aaron brings specialist business knowledge and extensive expertise to ASIS and we are looking forward to the new Chapter, with possible links between members travelling into the Region.
If there is a relevant security, risk, investigation or training need for any of the services provided by Le Boutillier Group in Thailand or the Region, contact Aaron by email The company website is