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Tips for Effective Team Work

Working in a team or group can be a challenging, rewarding and at times difficult experience. Following are five tips for security leaders to assist formulate team plans.

1  Involve every team member in communications. Once you have selected your team and the parameters of your project, ensure any decisions are based on group consultation and input, not one person making decisions for everyone else to adopt.

2  Accept that everyone works differently. Time management, methods for interacting with others and meeting priorities will vary between individuals so set milestones for achievement of allocated tasks.

3  Analyse the team.  Ascertain the various and useful skills or experience of your team. Some members will have higher level competence in certain areas so utilise individual strengths where possible.

4  Allocate roles. Common roles will include leader, coordinator, administrator and the like. Try to allocate roles based on individual team member strengths.

5  Anticipate disagreements. Disagreements will occur and should be viewed as positive to assist re-evaluate project content, direction and key themes. Considering all viewpoints will ensure your outcomes are based upon relevant issues raised by the team.

Group work can bring out the best in everyone and contribute to effective outcomes. Remember, there is no “I” in team so work with and benefit from the collective experience.