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Shop Theft, An Ongoing Problem That Can Be Minimised

Data throughout Australia reveals ongoing concerns regarding non-violent shop theft, otherwise known as "shoplifting". The Australian Institute of Criminology report over 500,000 incidents nationally and Victoria Police contend growth rates now record 50,000 incidents annually.

Security leaders providing advice in the retail sector should ensure best practice incident reduction strategies include:

  • Store design is open with good visibility to all areas;
  • Expensive or targeted items are secured or protected by EAS;
  • Stock should be neatly stacked with price tags displayed;
  • Service counters are located close to the entrances and exits which means persons entering and leaving must proceed past staff;
  • Anti-theft signage and consequences for theft should be clearly displayed;
  • Staff and store rooms should be secured;
  • CCTV and convex mirrors should be installed where required;
  • Staff must be trained in anti-theft strategies that includes awareness, customer interactions and responding to incidents.

Further information is available from the Australian Institute of Criminology website –