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National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program

Nationally and after assault and sexual assault, armed robbery is the third most common violent crime reported. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology this trend has remained consistent for over 10 years.

Recent trends reveal the target of armed robbery are moving away from the traditional harder targets of banks and financial institutions to “softer” options.  These softer options are often referred to as “insecure” businesses such as retail outlets, newsagents and service stations and “secure” businesses including licensed gaming venues.

Strategies to minimise risk vary according to risk profile. However, a risk assessment must be conducted to determine vulnerabilities within the existing system against current physical security protections, competency of staff and the adequacy of protocols.

There is extensive guidance materials available through the Australian Institute of Criminology website –

Industry specific guidance materials are also available through the various State and Territory WorkSafe authorities such as the WorkSafe Victoria Guide “Cash-In-Transit: A guide to managing OHS in the Cash-In-Transit industry” (2005).  This Guide can be access online through