Security and Emergency Management Breakfast



Security and Emergency Management Breakfast

This important breakfast event held in the William Wills Room and Terrace will provide participants with information on the importance of having an appropriate plan that can be operationalised from testing and exercising. Our presenters are profiled below.

Donovan Croucamp is an experienced security and emergency management professional, a former public service senior executive and now runs his own consultancy business, FLEXOR.  

He began his career in the South African Air Force in 1987 and has subsequently had an interesting, challenging and colourful career.  His journey through life has included time serving as an Officer in the military, instructing commercial and recreational divers, leading private security armed response teams, training police divers, leading emergency services and as a public servant in local, state and federal departments.  During his career Donovan has been involved in the response to major emergencies and disasters.  He also did two international deployments to Indonesia for the 2004/5 Tsunami and to the United States in 2005 to assess Australian capabilities to support the Hurricane Katrina response. 

His most recent position, prior to starting his own business, was as a Senior Executive responsible for Security and Emergency Management in the critical infrastructure sector.   His exposure to the critical infrastructure sector began in South Africa where he participated in several National Key Point Joint Planning Committees.    

Today Donovan will be discussing the importance of ‘Exercising Your Plan’ and offering a few practical tips on developing and managing exercises.