Work-Related Violence: A Major Risk Across Industry Sectors



Work-Related Violence: A Major Risk Across Industry Sectors

This important session will be delivered by Mr Jim Snipe, Lead Trainer in Clinical Aggression and Violence at Alfred Health. Jim has qualifications and experience in the United Kingdom and Australia over more than 20 years.

Jim has been a registered nurse for over 30 years, working in secure units and locked wards with individuals with mental illness, intellectual disability and forensic histories. He has also worked as a prison officer and in the security industry.

In Australia, he was a clinical nurse specialist in the High Dependency Unit of an inpatient psychiatry ward. Jim has recently completed further studies in the UK and gained accredited Instructor qualifications in: 

  • Advanced restraint techniques,
  • Mechanical restraints ,
  • Security Industry physical intervention training and
  • Self defence

This session is important for security leaders and those responsible for providing advice across organisations where there is a risk of work-related violence.