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Safety versus Security

The difference between safety and security concepts has long been argued. Although there is a degree of relationship, there is also a clear distinction.

Safety involves freedom from a danger or risk of injury whereas security focuses on intentional and malicious acts such as breaching existing security protections through criminal behaviour including sabotage and terrorism. Some professionals argue security tends to be involved with risks that emanate from "outside" although this does not necessarily identify or fully take into account internal security breaches committed by staff and the like.

It is generally recognised, between the safety and security positions is a "grey" area, where  it is difficult to determine distinctions between an accident event and a criminal act. In part this usually involves considerations for intention as some criminal acts can be committed recklessly or negligently such as industrial manslaughter.

More information on the safety versus security paradigm is available through a series of ASIS International webinars. Check out the website