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Meeting with Canadian Pacific Chapter

On a recent trip through Canada, Deputy Chair Dr Tony Zalewski met with the Canadian Pacific Chapter Chair Mr Jack Schmidt in Vancouver.

Over the last two years the Canadian Pacific Chapter has grown from approximately 212 members to 258 (plus another 20 more renewals expected to achieve around 278). This is a very impressive achievement considering global membership trends. 

In discussions it became evident the Canadian Chapter is not dissimilar in terms of membership challenges to that faced in Victoria. These challenges included retention around older members approaching retirement, where there were no mandatory requirements to retain certification or membership, or where employers were not covering or assisting with membership fees.
Mr Schmidt advised the Chapter is working hard to be more inclusive in the areas of women in security and young professionals. Some recent initiatives have included working with local education providers to encourage student participation in attending events. He also explained that promoting the ASIS International student membership of $20 encouraged some new members to the Chapter.
The regulatory system in Canada is similar to Australia albeit pre-licensing training is conducted over one week by the government, not private RTOs. There is no mandatory qualification for security consultants. One major difference to Victoria is that many tenders seeking security risk assessments or security advice had a requirement for CPP certification or similar. This was most evident in government work.
Overall the discussions were informative and most positive. It is anticipated there will be ongoing communication in the future between the Chapters.
Of course, we look forward to welcoming our Canadian colleagues when next in Melbourne.